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16-Feb-2020 19:18

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Apparently, he was bored with the questions so he decided to spice things up by making up stories that would grab showbiz headlines. There’s nothing spicier than a story about young male actors dating each other, no?

“It’s starting to sink in,” she said when I asked her how she felt about the imminent end of the show. I feel so lucky to have been a part of the show for so long. And it may also be a wrap on Sansa, although that one’s less certain. Murray had a lot of other interesting things to say, all of which you’ll be able to watch when we get back from Con of Thrones. At one point, I asked her which actors she’d enjoyed working with most apart from John Bradley, who’s been her consistent scene partner since the beginning. “There are a few from season 8 that I can’t actually mention.”So there you have it: after six seasons spent pretty much exclusively with Sam and her child, Gilly will expand her social circle come next year. 😉 The @Deep State On EPIX star returns for Season 2 on Sunday, April 28 at 9/8c.bit.ly/2VGIWka pic.twitter.com/xg1NGk8Je J If you watch anything today then make sure it's this short interview with Tyson Fury 🙌 30 seconds straight down the camera, straight from the heart of @Tyson_Fury... And many local authorities that do fund adapted gyms are now scaling back in the wake of such severe cuts - my sister’s recently fell victim to it.He is also a fan of the Scotland national football team.

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He appeared alongside Skins co-star Nicholas Hoult.Disabled access to these facilities are as much about inclusion and mental well-being as they are about keeping fit. Tues 28th May 20.45 @bfi sees @joedempsie presenting his Screen Epiphany, the great Shane Meadows film #ARoom For Romeo Brass Tickets available now.