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Past topics have included: trans human rights, HIV/AIDS in our communities and the history and politics of pride. Hot Times Pride Bathhouse The Hot Times Collective is a Halifax non-profit collective dedicated to creating sexy time events for queer people.During Pride, Hot Times organizes a bathhouse at the traditionally gay-men-only Sea Dogs Bathhouse that’s open to queer women and trans folks who usually feel excluded from Halifax’s only bathhouse.This sweaty dance party features disco, house and punk and is for (according to their Facebook page): “Homo’s, Queers, Transfolk, Lezbros, Stone Butches, Hard Femmes, Genderqueers, Bar Stars and Heteros.” Co-founded by Adept Tatoo’s Amber Thorpe, Bitch Fit is a semi-regular queer dance party held at Michael’s Bar and Grill.The biggest mostly-lady-gay dance party outside of Pride, Bitch Fit parties have clever themes such as “Homo for the Holidays” and “But I’m a Cheerleader – Skool Gayz”.Walk or bus to Michael’s for artsy, hipster-y North Enders, live music and Sunday and Wednesday Karaoke (one of the best in Hali) with the fanny-pack sporting Lori the Guy.Michael’s Bar is also home to the semi-regular lady focused queer dance party, “Bitch Fit”.Refs is your obligatory local basement gay bar featuring pumpin’ electronic music, regular drag shows and a (not so gay) student night every Friday.

The always-packed event is held at the Halifax Commons.

The Company House is technically a live music venue and is a great place to catch intimate music, comedy or poetry show (featuring a slew of queer women performers).