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11-Nov-2019 23:12

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The midafternoon sunlight pushing through the blinds cast a glare on my phone, making it hard to view the man whose dating profile I’d stumbled on.

This was a profile on Minder, a Muslim dating app that mimics Tinder but is aimed at helping Western Muslims find a spouse.

I wouldn’t even be on Minder if it weren’t for my religious upbringing.

As a single Muslim woman in my early 20s, I’ve yet to go on a date with a Muslim man.

To him, all of America was racist, so there was no point in me living there. I shouldn’t have accepted his connection request in the first place, but I was curious.

If a guy who hadn’t even graduated from high school yet wanted to get married, where did that leave me?

However, he wasn’t the one who persuaded me to leave the site; it was a boy who didn’t even say hello, but launched right into talking about our ages and asking me whether I’d be willing to move to his city, in a different country.

He was straightforward and had an equally linear understanding of everything from politics to marriage. He was ready to be a husband and father and to “take care of someone.” That was it, and it didn’t matter that he was still a teenager.

It became clear that I wouldn’t be dating anyone on Ishqr or even perusing my options.This site contains sexually explicit, adult material and is for adults only!