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30-May-2020 04:56

In doing so one only increases the barrel's pressure to extremes with possibly devastating results.

Sensible food for thought I wanted to pass forth to our group....

Would this round be a potent hunting round as well as an accurate plinker?

BTW I was also told not to use the old trick of shooting a jacketed round after shooting lead rounds to help remove barrel lead.

I wouldn't be able to give you any better advice on 44 mag than what you could find yourself using a search engine.

R, Bullseye Guys, I just measured the 94's trigger pull and it came in at 5 lbs 7.5 oz (my guess was 5-6lbs, looks like my trigger finger over the years has been pretty well calibrated ) with the 18lb stock hammer spring.

Gents, I just finished replacing the stock hammer spring with a 13 pounder.

It made all the difference in the world in the cocking action and the trigger pull but it took me close to 3 hours to complete this task .

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But I had this chunk of flamed maple I felt compelled to do something with, and what better Saturday evening exercise than to dress up my new Vaquero (guess I'm dating my self ).But putting it all back together properly proved somewhat challenging without a schematic.The result is quite positive so I guess it was worth my hustles and scrached hands.There will be the occasional 'tough' primer, too, probably just as the buck of a lifetime walks by.

I'd shoot it 'as is' for a while, it might surprise you by a) smoothing up and becoming lighter as you shoot it and b) you might find that as a field gun, the heavier pull makes more sense safety and accuracy-wise. BTW, I like the standard 240gr bullet for my reloading (I've mostly used the Hornady HP.) Seems like the gun will shoot best with the load around which it was designed by the makers, and not too many beasts will walk away from a 240 delivered at 1500 or so fps.slabsides, all of your points are dead on, thank you for sharing.On the reloading subject, what's the best on-line place to order 240gr JHP bullets for this mag? I took advantage of his abilities and he made me a huge amount of bullets, which I still have not exhausted.

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