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This multi-pronged strategy will deliver the additional data and complete the site characterizations that are required to properly plan a potential IODP drilling expedition by the JOIDES Resolution.The state is home to one of the fastest growing aerospace industry clusters in the Mexican Republic, and is the source of 0 million export dollars in annual revenue since 2010.Having this critical secondary process in place has opened up opportunities for aerospace manufacturers to produce items that require heat-treating for their elaboration.

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An AMS measures "long-lived radionuclides that occur naturally in our environment.Core PO3 is from the northwestern ridge flanks [27°N 37.6759/111°W 52.5740; 1611 m depth], P10 is from ca.1 mile west of Ringvent [27°N 30.5193/111°W 42.1722 W; 1731 m depth], core P11 is from the center of Ringvent [27°N 30.5090/111°W 40.6860, 1749 m], core P12 is from the upper Sonora Margin [27°N 52.1129/111°W 41.5902, 667 m], and core P13 is from the southeastern ridge flank of Guaymas Basin [27°N 12.4470/111°W 13.7735, 1859m].Samples selected for radiocarbon analyses were freeze-dried, homogenized, and acidified to remove Ca CO₃, allowing for the analysis of remaining organic matter, and preventing the distortion of radiocarbon ages by methane-derived carbonates.

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Acidification was performed on ~200 mg of sample, which was treated with ~5ml buffered p H 5 acetic acid solution for ~24 hours to dissolve the Ca CO₃.

Sedimentation rates were not inferred from cores P5 and P6 due to distortions by slumping.

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