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Because the novel, even more than Estella, was my true first love.

I may have loved for all the wrong reasons, but I lost myself in the story and its people, and I learned, without being very aware of it, just how good a novel could be. When I’d read a novel, I’d ask myself, is it as good as Join PBS’s nationwide vote to choose America’s best-loved book.

His company, which claims to have more than 150,000 members, takes credit for thousands of marriages and grosses about million a year.

In 18 years, Ullman’s invention has done more than change the way some heterosexuals get lucky.

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Alan, a novelist and TV producer, promises that he’s not “the kind of guy who keeps his emotions so subterranean you need to go spelunking to find them or a Rosetta stone to interpret them.” Asked what she’s looking for, a marriage counselor named Jody simply writes “a fireman.”If intrigued by a written profile, a member can cue up a video for closer inspection. A video interview, he has said, “shows appearance, animation, personality, charm and all of the ambitions, desires, dreams, wants and needs which can be hidden in the ordinary social contacts.”Ullman may overstate. What’s more, some folks just aren’t themselves on videotape. “You’d see the little sweat balls on their upper lips.” But Fullerton is definitely the consumer Ullman courts.If you are not hormonally addled or romantically clueless, that is, if you are not a 13-year-old male teenager, you know that is the story of a boy and then a man who gets everything wrong. He is financed by a mysterious benefactor whom he mistakenly believes is the insane Miss Havisham, the spurned bachelorette to end all bachelorettes who trains up Estella to break men’s hearts in proxy revenge for Miss Havisham’s heartbreak at being left at the altar decades earlier. In my defense, neither did quite a few early readers of Dickens who hated his original ending, the one where Pip does not end up with Estella.So Dickens was persuaded to write another, more conventional conclusion. As soon as the boy Pip reaches the graveyard where his parents are buried and runs into the convict Magwitch, which is to say, by about page three, I became Pip’s staunch ally to such an extent that I identified with him completely.

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Pip was a quasi-orphan being raised by his ill-tempered sister and her gentle giant of a husband, the blacksmith Joe Gargery.(Decades later, George Bernard Shaw edited an edition of Dickens in which he used only the ending where Pip and Estella go their separate ways; when he was criticized for not running the version with the happy ending, he replied, “This is the happy ending.”)But most readers do get the point, as I did not, that Pip is something of a tragic fool.

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