19-Oct-2020 00:19

Advocates against the use of granny cams argue that the cameras are an invasion of the resident’s right to privacy as the family or representative would be viewing the recording.

For example, Maryland allows cameras in resident’s rooms only if the entire facility permits use of the cameras.“We never dreamed we would find what we found,” said Peters, a nurse practitioner. There was the sudden and unexplained drop in their mother’s weight, from 105 pounds to 94 pounds, which made her already-slight frame look gaunt and emaciated, the sisters said.There were the mornings that Jackie, who suffered from vascular dementia, looked unbathed and complained of soreness in her arms.Legislation is currently under consideration in Illinois, Missouri, and Arkansas.

Oklahoma Law Favors the Resident In 2013, Oklahoma legislators unanimously voted to enact the Protect Our Loved Ones Act.

The female aide can be heard repeatedly chastising the elderly woman, twice calling her a “grown-ass adult” as she tugged on her clothing and yanked at her bra. The cameras, which cost as little as and can fit inside a teddy bear or potted plant, have surged in popularity despite privacy concerns and calls for more regulation.