Google site performance not updating

16-Sep-2019 23:03

Before going any farther, it's important to understand where Google Sites fits into the GSuite family.

In terms of vocabulary and how things are setup, Google Sites has more of a brother/sister relationship to Google Forms rather than Docs/Sheets/Slides.

There are two options for you to click on: These two options are very powerful.

The first option (anyone can find) is the traditional setting that allows the majority of users to have access to your content.

One of my favorite applications in the GSuite system is Google Sites.

Not only do they give teachers an incredible tool for building digital lessons, but allow students to quickly create stunning online portfolios to showcase their accomplishments.

There is a nice tutorial for this process on the STEEGLE website.

If you are creating a website for your school, you might want to click this button to request that Google NOT show your content in its search directory.

technically, Google Sites does NOT have a save button. The other comes from one of my favorite websites, STEEGLE, who had a fantastic tutorial on a process for getting revisions but as they have recently posted … Let's hope that this is a feature that comes out sometime in 2019.

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