Google groups not updating usenet

31-Jan-2020 17:26

Today, archives let you search previous postings going back months and even years to see if the question has been already discussed.

These archives of online conversations form a fascinating historical record of and popular human culture.

This did not prevent others from quoting the material in a later message and causing it to be stored.

Copyright holders were also allowed to have material removed from the archive.

Deja Communities were private Internet forums offered primarily to businesses.

In 1999 the site (now known as sharply changed direction and made its primary feature a shopping comparison service.

Slashdot, Vice and Wired contributors have criticized Google for its unannounced discontinuation of the Google Groups Advanced Search page and the ability to perform advanced searches across all groups, leaving it nearly impossible to find postings without either knowing keywords from them that are unique across Google Groups' entire multi-decade archive of posts, or else knowing beforehand which newsgroup(s) they were posted in.

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The Usenet Improvement Project provides several killfile examples to block messages posted by Google Groups users in several newsreaders.

Google also mistakenly resurrected previously "nuked" messages at one point, angering many users.

"Nukes" that were in effect at the time when Google removed the possibility, are still honored, however.

While Madere was initially reluctant to remove archived material, protests from users and legal pressure led to the introduction of "nuking", a method for posters to permanently remove their own messages from search results.

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It already supported the use of an "X-No-Archive" message header, which if present would cause an article to be omitted from the archive.

The search facilities transformed Usenet from a loosely organized and ephemeral communication tool into a valued information repository.