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She and Josh must help a troubled teenaged girl (Julia Stiles), who is afraid to tell her father (Lee Majors) that she has suffered a miscarriage.Claire and Russell empathize with the girl as they recall a similar loss of their own years ago.Dinah uses her mapping and trail skills to locate the child, which impresses Russell.

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Russell is talked into traveling by bus to New York, in order to persuade Erasmus' daughter (Suzzanne Douglas) to open up a clinic in the town that helped her get into medical school.Russell was promised work there, only to discover the man who offered employment has died.Family friend Erasmus Jones (Ossie Davis) offers his land on which they can park their trailer, until things get better for them.The weary miners emerge singing the inspirational song "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot".

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Hattie and Dinah come across 15-year-old Allison (Thora Birch) shivering in the cold and take her in.

The girl is a runaway from a foster home and claims she is searching for her older brother Tommy, whom she hasn't seen in eight years.