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IRC reporting - eggdrop connectivity; Raiden FTPD has built in eggdrop client that it is possible to report server events on IRC via this eggdrop bot easily with just few lines of settings, click here for more information.[Raiden FTPD System] -Multi servers in one process -Multi domain support -Compatible with Win98/Me/2000/Xp/2003 -Runs as Win2000/2003/XP system service -64 bits addressing space for file size and directory size -Anti-Hammering & Anti-D. This is my personal collection of "scripts" written for glftpd sites.Media information - mp3/avi/wma/ogg/vqf file format support!server will display media information such as album name, artist name, song title, bitrate, and frequency while a user downloads or uploads media files.ONLY available in PRO/ADVANCED LICENSE Multi servers in one process - manage multiple ftp servers with different settings (user file, virtual file system, IP, ports) within one Raiden FTPD process; it can even make use of your multiple IPs for load balancing.User activities LOG - log user's login attemps, read/write/delete/transfer speed; there is also an option for LOG filename rotation, depending on Year/Month/Day; a web LOG analyzer is also included in advanced license, click here to see our LOG format.This approach is greatly superior to bash scripting where every line of code will load, launch, run, terminate a number of separate processes.Again I warn you, that installing a number of these programs requires more knowledge than average site scripts, for you are generally required to configure the sitebot's tcl code on your own.

Extremely high speed - almost 30000 kbytes/sec in the 1000mbit LAN, outperforms most of the "famous" windows ftp servers.such as enabling/disabling servers, add/reset credits on users, reloading server config file, reset UPn P router and generating server stats log files.Message files - external message files with variables for events such as CWD, GOODBYE, DOWNLOADED, UPLOADED, WELCOME, LISTED, MP3 (more than 30 available variables for displaying user's information and server's information and 6 functions to show top 10 uploaders / downloaders, 10 latest directories, user's detail info, and who is online? click here to see the full listing.59 extented site commands - extra site extension commands to allow user to see "who is online" "user's information", "latest 10 directories made on server", "get any URL and save it in a directory", "type a text file", "update user's information (ip , password..)", "get server time", "show top downloaders and uploaders ", "encrypt/decrypt a file", and many more !Not only are all the basic FTP server features built-in; it also features various advanced features such as SSL/TLS, UTF8, UPn P NAT traversal and more ..

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Supported FTP features - Raiden FTPD enables you to setup a FTP server with FTP file management features including file uploads, downloads, rename, delete, directory management, site extension commands, passive and active file transfers, resume uploads and downloads, and more... SSL&TLS ftp/fxp - encrypt both the ftp command and data by the industry standard SSL&TLS ftp, supporting both implicit SSL, explicit SSL and server to server transfer over SSL via SSCN.

It also works well with lower speed environments such as ADSL/Cable modem servers.