Gay police dating

21-May-2020 18:55

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A special prosecutor with the Fair Michigan Justice Project was assigned to the case.

The project helps Michigan law enforcement officers and prosecutors solve serious crimes against gay, bisexual and transgender people.

In many instances, these crimes are premeditated and set up through dating apps like Grindr, Badoo and Man Jam.

In Uzor’s case, it was a platform called 2go, which he had used successfully to meet men in the past.

“They told me I was smelling, that I had anal cancer and had to wear diapers,” says Uzor.

The men then forced him to record videos admitting he was gay and threatened to send them to his parents.

“Running Kito Diaries showed me how alone the LGBT community essentially is,” he says.

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The word “kito” is a Nigerian gay term used to describe the experience of falling into the hands of swindlers.He gave his attackers N25,000 () and his phone before they let him go. According to The Initiative for Equal Rights’ (TIERS), there were 286 documented cases of violations due to people’s real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity in 2018.Of those, the most widely reported type of attack was blackmail with 70 recorded incidents.In order to combat these crimes, LGBTQ Nigerians are devising ways to warn each other of the dangers.

One of these is Kito Diaries, a blog set up in 2014, which has a category called “Kito Alert”.

“I was 19-years-old and I couldn’t meet gay men in my area without 2go,” he says.