Gay dating bi guy benefits of dating a man 10 years older

25-Aug-2020 10:34

(It sounds really weird, and it’s been even weirder to live through.

But bi people have told me that this experience is really common among them).

I think now I’m actually now more sexually attracted to women than to men.

At least, that’s how I have labeled myself, and my sexual and romantic life has been with men. More recently, I’ve found myself more and more interested in women.

(FWIW, I am disease-free and would be monogamous in a committed relationship).

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Now before we get deep into the weeds here, keep in mind: I’m a straight, cis guy.

Hell, most of the time, it’s not even a spectrum, it’s a combination multi-axis graph and sliding scale and sometimes people will slide around on that graph.

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