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12-Oct-2020 10:09

I want my Naked tunes back, I want the lovely vibes of original Blue Six like Music and Wine (Teksoul Dub), something deep like Pure.Naked Music has changed much during the past years, it has become too electrified, although there are real Naked productions too like new remix of Love Yourself, Aya album which I thought was a Rescue Action. What a spoiled release, I thought they gonna follow Naked aesthetic like NM001 NM002 NM006 NM009 NM014.please ask for the B1 sound before ordering, my copy has noises due a pressing or mastering copy is the re-cutted version and says on the runout groove "3431 - NMN 1032 - I (B) RE-2 - S - 55914 RE 2" Only the original version is good, the other three remixes suck (even Blue Six remix).Multi-instrumentalist and dance guru Chris Brann, who is the mastermind behind other garage/house tasks such as the Wamdue Project, Wamdue Kidz, and P'Taah, spawned another house-bred project in the late '90s, aptly titled the Ananda Project.The Ananda Project was originally a side thing until Brann was sought out to write a song for the dance label King Street.

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subjects that are increasingly rare in current popular music. I've always felt there could be a happy marriage between many styles of music without compromising artistic integrity,? I also hope that what my music conveys will help some misunderstood person have a voice in this complex world.?The song turned into a working relationship with singer/songwriter Gaelle Adisson, and the Ananda Project was underway in 1998 with the cut "Cascades of Colour," and the second single "Straight Magic" followed a year later.Accompanying the group's sensual soul and vibronic R&B are Heather Johnson, Justin Chapman, and Terrance Downs.Actually I don't like NM018 and the album (Pearl), they sound too easy-made, too pop, a re-run.

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I cancelled this item and ordered Gaelle - Transient instead, at least there are 3-4 Naked tracks. 1) Select a file to send by clicking the "Browse" button.