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21-Sep-2019 19:55

As I’ve said, the Ken I knew could be shouty and terrifying.He once brought me to the verge of tears but was ashamed enough never to do it again.The length should be ideally decided based on the purpose and audience. We also offer hosting service for an additional fees.We do keep free backup of your video for six months.Again, it wasn’t so much a conversation he was interested in, he just wanted an audience.It was both bewildering, slightly annoying, and an incredible privilege. (He once told me that, like me, he was the sort of person who could feel lonely in a crowd.) I’d give anything to hear from him now.Ken watched Kinski rant away with a mixture of incredulous admiration and horrified identification.somewhat varying in quality and many sadly incomplete.

He was, for such an arsehole, an extraordinarily good friend.

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