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05-Jul-2020 10:19

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But by 2003 however the business had become too big for Pankurst and Porter to keep running.

They initially put the business on the market and were reportedly offered £18 million by venture capitalists.

But soon the website grew too big for the spare room and offices were established in Oxsted, Surrey.

Over the next several years, this management team nurtured and encouraged the website until it grew into one of the biggest websites in the country, with one in five of the population willingly coughing up initially £5 per year (then £7.50 per year) to become a member.

Indeed, by 2005 the Friends site grew into a phenomenal success story, largely via word of mouth.

More than 15 million people were registered on it at its peak, a staggeringly high number of the online population. Well, it initially focused on friendship reunion, but then branched out into the world of dating and even job-hunting services.

The next year ITV undertook a structural review of its operating and in March 2009 it announced it was selling Friends Reunited for just £25.6m to Brightsolid Ltd.Friends Reunited has a special place in the tech history of the United Kingdom, as it was the first social network to find success in this country.When it was first launched in the summer of 2000, the world back then was a much different place.In January 2016 after 16 years of operation, it was announced that Friends Reunited would be closed down.

The closing of this once great social network took place on 26th of February 2016.The deal gave the Pankurst £30m each (and £20m for Porter).

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