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26-Sep-2020 14:42

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Villages are going to be hit or miss with supply of feminine products as they are with anything else that has to come in on a truck.Gretchen says: Both male and female condoms are widely available, and it’s socially acceptable for either sex to buy them in most places.Dowry ceremonies exist here, and the level of importance and seriousness attached to that tradition will vary family to family.

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If you use a prescription birth control, get as much as you possibly can from home.If it’s urgent, and your employer doesn’t have a recommendation, or you’re traveling independently, contact your embassy.They should be able to direct travelers to vetted medical professionals, and if they can’t, don’t be afraid to push them for information on which gynecologist their employees see.Breasts are not sexualized in the same way that they are in the Western world, though a foreigner breastfeeding on the street would attract a lot of attention, and I expect that most of it would be negative.

Gretchen says: The most important thing to remember if you’re thinking of dating or hooking up with a local in Cameroon is that sex education in this country is, in a word, lacking.

Especially for women, there is a great deal of shame and embarrassment associated with hormones and sexuality; the mindset surrounding general sexuality can be described as repressive on a good day.