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30-Nov-2019 22:36

There are a number of new devices, that connect to your router, and in some cases replace your router so that can help you set limits on both the devices in your home and mobile devices.

One finding was that many of our children are online and using apps and games without close parental supervision.

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When it comes to subtle complexities in relationships, sex, love, dating or friendship, nowhere have I found a descriptive vocabulary so intricate as in Botswana.

They aren’t infallible so as much as possible keep tabs on what your children are looking at either by sitting with them, or by looking through your browser history.

There are many different scenarios, they might be role playing, talking about fetishes or just getting down and dirty.

They are likely to be doing things which might be considered to be taboo, having fun with each other in ways which you may not be allowed to do normally.

Imagine the sort of things that they might be saying to each other.

Digital citizenship covers a wide range of things such as how to behave and be safe online, how to think about one’s digital footprint, how not to be a cyber bully or someone who is cyber bullied.https:// Quick links Digital Citizenship | Skip to Setting Parental Controls | Games and Minecraft | Other Online Resources You can set parental controls on devices both at home and on mobile devices to keep your child from being exposed to explicit and other inappropriate content and help to control their exposure to social interactions with strangers via websites and games.

One of the easiest ways to add parental controls is through your home router.

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Archaeological digs have shown that hominids have lived in Botswana for around two million years.

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