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24-Feb-2020 18:27

The flexibility in having web mail - and IMAP access combined with the security of antivirus, spam filter and daily backup - rarely accompanies a free email address.

The most ordinary way of reading mails is by using an email client, for instance the free Mozilla Thunderbird, OSX Mail or Microsoft Outlook.

Should an accident happen such as malfunctioning of your hard disk or your computer, you will not lose valuable data as a result of this.

You see, a daily backup has secured your mails against almost any conceivable threat.

The function of an alias address is to simply accept and immediately forward an email to the required destination - completely automatically.

As an extra precaution that you receive all emails, there is the so-called "catch-all" address (also called "star alias").

Anyone can create a Hotmail address in just a few minutes, whereas it is more binding to register a domain with a mail account. 80% of all mail traffic is spam (2010) a large part of which come from existing and fake senders with Gmail accounts.

By having your own domain name, you can decide what the email address is to be called.

Thus, you can focus on the important things without being distracted.Many people make use of a free email address at Google, Hotmail, Yahoo! A free email address can also be excellent for many purposes.