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25-Nov-2019 09:20

Carnaval approaches and things go crazy when a fire is set at Ava's friend Salima's business and while the fire department is there, one is started at her club.

When the night is over and the smoke clears, everyone is safe, Caleb and Ava have a new plan for their life together and Caleb has made his plan to help out in Havana with his part of the trust.

We were destined to be childhood sweethearts, but that was stolen from us. But when my mother and father were killed in a fire, Caleb’s mother took him out of Cuba to keep him safe: fatefully handing him over to a family with a billion-dollar fortune.

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Now he’s back to find the parents he never knew and collect the billions he’s due. He thinks he needs to protect me, but I don’t need him or his money. He’s hot as sin and our chemistry is powerful, but so are my enemies. In order to get my part of his estate, I must go back to the country I came from and make it better somehow.They guys meet up and can not believe how much they resemble one another and start a close relationship.