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30-Apr-2020 03:04

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Hell, even I’ve been felt up in the bus, and I’m a guy!

I beleieve this is because the option of a “normal” outlet is not readily open.

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I am sure this number can be reduced if we just chilled out a little bit, faced the fact that our puthas and duwas and nangis and mallis are doing some serious bonking, and accepted that everybody would be much better off if they knew about condoms, the pill and the Morning After – what it is, how to use it, and where to get it.

The large number of abortions are not even the worst symptom of our refusal to talk about sex. It’s full of rape, and underrage sex, and all types of abuse.

Honestly, the way people approach the subject of sex in Sri Lanka, even on the blogosphere which we can safely assume to be a more educated liberated sample, is laden with coyness and guilt.

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I just thought he was skipping it because he feared the dynamite laden questions the horny and curious 15 year-olds in his class had for him.

And these are the first six posts that came up: a philosophical rumination on why pubic hair exists, an unhealthy obsessive ode to Pizza (no, not as a sex aid), a techy in love with a piece of software, a call for Buddhist fundamentalism in Sri Lanka, a second techy in love with a programming language, and a review of a documentary about a place called Jesus Camp.

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