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The Skype you know and love has an all-new design, optimised to help you stay connected with the people you care about most. • Communicate easily with the people in your life through free Skype-to-Skype video/audio calls, personalised messaging and low-rate calling to mobiles and landlines around the world.• Message: Send photos, videos, voice messages, emoticons, Mojis, react to messages and more.

• Groups: Free group video and audio calling for up to 25 participants, group chat with up to 300 people, and plan or play with bots, add-ins and personalised features Upgrading to the new Skype may result in the deletion of content from older conversations.

For the best results, your tablet needs to run a modern operating system such as Android or Windows, have 32MB of free space and at least a 1GHz processor.

Since the tablet may get some happy licks from time to time, choose an inexpensive tablet with these specs.

Find a spot in your home that your pet frequents and that's by an outlet so that you can plug your tablet in.

Stick strips of self-adhesive Velcro to the back of your tablet and stick the other side of the Velcro on the wall.

To avoid mistakes, we recommend to use the Skype call cost calculator.

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Once Skype is downloaded to your tablet, set up an account for your pet, since you can't call yourself using your Skype account.

A cute profile pic of your pet is a must, of course. Now you need to set up your pet's account so that it will answer when you call.

Log into your pet's account and set the account to auto answer.

Make sure that the tablet is placed so that your pet can easily see the screen.

Stick the tablet to the Velcro and turn on your tablet's screensaver.With Split Cam you can stream directly to, Youtube, Facebook and e.t.c. and also you can add webcam, screen, game or many cool effects to your video stream ....

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