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Moreover, the blended CGI animation with bold vibrant colours really brings out the inner psychopath that exists not only in the characters in this show but in our hearts.Overall, Kakegurui is just one of those crazy psychotic animes you want to watch because you love going on a thrill ride fully knowing the end destination.It's different yet same as other game related shows like Kaiji and NGNL. Short and to the point, for a show about gambling there is no payoff. The characters don't progress and do not change. The ending credits are the best you're going to get.Anyways, give it a watch and tell me later how fast you caught on how the Boss Gamblers were cheating. About the only good thing I can say is that the art is This is first time I am writing a review for an anime. Ahhh I get a chill through my spine when the characters clench their teeth and bet everything they have... All emotions are illustrated in such a way that When I think of the term “modern anime,” there’s a host of intrinsic ideas that immediately pop into my head.The MC, Yumeko, is a naive beautiful kawaii girl on the outside but inside she's an intelligent yuri obsessed psychopath who needs to gamble to quench her compulsive gambling addiction.Juxtapose her with Suzui, her partner in crime, who is just there to make viewers feel smart because all the other characters in the show are psychopathic gambling geniuses.*No Spoiler Concise Review* TL; DR: If Kaiji and Shokugeki no Soma had a forbidden love child, you get Kakegurui: a show that throws all realism out of the window and the female MC orgasms every time she whispers "Kakegurui" or "Let's Gamble." [Story: 3/10 , Characters: 5/10, Art: 8/10, Sound: 6/10, Enjoyment: 5/10] What is Kakegurui?It's a psychological mystery anime where the MC, Jabami Yumeko, a transfer student, starts attending Hyakkaou Private Academy, a normal school by day & a gambling heaven/hell by night, whose sole purpose is to teach their rich spoiled brats in the art of dealing with money & manipulating people.

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Viewers will soon realize that the outcome will always be the same, yet it's the 'how' that makes this show great.

While watching initial episodes I thought that this anime was too simple and easy. My view changed from 6th episode and now after watching 11th episode, I thought I did a criminal act for belittling this anime as an atonement I am writing this review. Fanservice, zany characters, over the top emotional delivery, and bizarre plot concepts—just to name a few.