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You can get information about an order you placed on the Apple Online Store through the Order Status page. Experience the digital lifestyle at any of the Apple Retail Stores around the country.Speak with your Apple representative to learn more. Visit the Apple Training website for information on available courses and Apple Authorized Training Providers worldwide. If you are buying on behalf of an educational institution, visit the Apple Store for Education Institutions or call , 7 days a week from a.m. If you have a hearing or vision impairment, call (877) 204–3930 for direct access to Apple representatives who are trained in providing support using accessibility services. So I undeleted the one email, pulled it back into my inbox. Pic 1: A face shot of a ruggedly handsome man with a muscular bare chest hinting of many hours at the gym. The light pressure resumed, and his helmet slid between my lips and across my tongue.

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Jamie must have read my thoughts, or my expression. I came up gasping for air, and Jamie stroked my hair some more and gazed at me with what might have been a loving look in his eyes. I leaned back down and resumed my cocksucking and ball kneading. " I slowly put my lips on the pipe, looking up into his mischievous dark eyes. He started sliding it in, a millimeter at a time, while I exhaled the smoke and embraced the high and took his cock in my mouth, slowly sliding it into my mouth in time with his descending finger, until his finger bottomed deep inside my ass just before his cock did deep inside my mouth, his black pubic hair scratchy against my lips and nose. Not being sure which he meant, I clenched both my lips and my assring. Oh wow," I said, as his finger hit my prostate, causing me to shudder with pleasure. Her." "Lay back." I stared, not sure I could go there, but his eyes were so sexy and full of lust for me, so I leaned back and put my head on the armrest. While I was still processing this, and sucking his cockhead, and clenching the finger in my ass, horny and incredibly stoned and giving in to the moment, Jamie said, "Look at the screen now." Another video was rolling, this time of a beautiful Latina with a sexy booty laying on her back, her legs spread apart, while a cock pressed into her butthole, then pushed deep inside in a series of thrusts. Jamie looked at it too, then grabbed my ankles and raised my legs in the air, put one over his right shoulder, and spread the other leg wide apart like hers. I pulled off the cock just as Jamie slid a finger with cool lube between my cheeks and onto my hole. He picked up his cell phone off the table with his spare hand and read from his email: "Like to have a finger inserted in you while you work my cock in your mouth so i can feel you clenching while stretching you out." I stared at him, speechless. And yet you still came here, knowing what I'd like to do. But, if you don't, well, you can leave anytime." A long pause, which he filled by dropping another weed nugget in the pipe. I yelped and coughed when he started pressing his finger into my ass, pushing through the ring. I couldn't quite believe how quickly things had escalated, from regarding myself as entirely straight to having two holes penetrated at once. I turned my head and looked at the screen, with the Latina spreading her legs wide open for his thrusts. I started breathing hard, and moaning, and thrusting my hips toward his tongue as the weed and the tongue caused my head to fill with indescribable pleasure, writhing under his lapping. He glanced at the phone he'd just picked up and read another line from earlier: "then take and fuck your panty ass-pussy, pumping it like there's no tomorrow and cumming hard all over that ass, backside or face." He waited, and I waited, and when I looked at him with perhaps a bit of fear in my eyes, or reluctance, or maybe just a hint of uncertainty, poised on the cusp, he quickly slid back down and started licking my hole again. Jamie looked at the cum spurting out, startled, then climbed back up and positioned his cockhead against my hole. We'll just chill, smoke some weed -- I mean, if you do 420 ... " "Fuck no." "Got some kickass Colorado weed, 30% THC. I opened my mouth to protest, but he started twisting and squeezing and rubbing in ways I had never thought of, and yeah, it did feel like a real blowjob. I took my hand off my dick so he could have full access to the shaft. Jamie leaned in and whispered in my ear, his breath hot, "Practice what I'm doing on me." I hesitated for a heartbeat, then grasped his cock, which was surprisingly hot, and gave it a tentative squeeze. It felt kinda weird, holding another man's stiff dick for the first time. I watched it and growled with lust while Jamie brought me to the brink of orgasm and backed off.

" "C'mon, it'll be fun." "I -- I shouldn't ..." "Relax. " Jamie scooted over so his hip barely touched mine, then quickly reached over when my hand was on the downstroke and grasped my cockhead. Fuuuuck." I could feel an orgasm starting to build, but tamped it down, wanting this lovely moment to go on and on. Jamie leaned forward and did a quick search, then called up a clip of a busty blond girl on a white couch leaning down and deepthroating the actor's long cock.

Pic 3: A POV picture looking down at a beautiful dark haired woman with green eyes wearing skimpy black lingerie, on her knees, making eye contact like she was mesmerized, her mouth open and two strings of sticky cum bridging her lips and the stiff cock she was grasping at the base ... Jamie stopped pushing when my lips were not quite touching.

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