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14-Nov-2020 16:07

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Besides, you don’t want a potential customer lingering, do you?On the note of potential customers, Facebook chatbots are great for engaging with those who have discovered you via Facebook and are ready to purchase something from your e-commerce business.Any of your current followers or users who have engaged with your business page at some point are now part of your subscriber list on Facebook. Well, both current customers and customers in your scope can be targeted via Messenger for relevant offers, coupon codes, blog content, and more.Facebook chatbots are the deliverers of these messages.Clear CTAs and a seamless checkout cart will boost customer confidence when making a purchase.Leads are an important part of any marketing strategy, especially when it comes to B2B marketing.We may not be fully aware of it, but many of us hold conversations with chatbots just about every week.Some of today’s most widely-used chatbots include Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant, and Apple’s Siri. The use of digital assistants is on the rise and more people are taking to chatbots as a first point-of-contact with businesses.

Little did we know that going down the endless Cleverbot rabbit hole would help pave the way for future chatbots – ones that would be much more valuable to businesses.Some of these tools unveil who the most engaged users are what drives them to continually use your chatbot.Other tools show which messages have the highest conversion rates.This means if you have a Facebook business page (you should really create one if you haven’t already), there’s a good chance a user will engage with your chatbot to learn more about your business.

If you’re still not swayed to use Messenger as the platform for your first chatbot, take a look at the top five advantages: Facebook chatbots are live at all hours of the day and send near-instant responses to user inquiries.

Since customers are much more likely to open a Facebook message compared to email, you can expect higher engagement rates.