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We make innovative ageing software allowing people to visualise themselves in the future and showing effects of lifestyle such as drinking, smoking, tanning, diet, stress and pollution.

We make software for education, science, health, pensions and HR.

About ageing: everyone ages individually and much of the ageing process is down to genes and lifestyle so although we cannot predict exactly what someone will look like as they get older, we can determine that everyone's face succumbs to gravity and wrinkles as a result of repeated facial expressions and we can illustrate what we know to happen to the skin as a result of various lifestyles on people's faces.

Sunshine, alcohol, smoking and a poor diet can all accelerate the ageing process, making us look older than our years Get in touch Whether you are looking for web based software, an app for i OS or Android, or a stand alone kiosk, we can provide a solution for you.

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to do this.’ The expression that says both ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ at the same time. I’m on my knees, or – as is the case in this story – lying on the sofa. The look that says ‘give me what I want.’ And, as is often the case ‘what I want’ is ‘to fuck your face.’ There’s a big difference between blow jobs and face fucking. Barely holding myself together as I splutter and gag and angle myself just right to take him all the way down to the base. One knee up for purchase, the other foot on the floor for balance, he pushes in deeper and harder. I know which angle gets the best sensations, because he’s found it now and I can feel the ridges of the head of his dick catching the roof of my mouth. Because – and I should state in case it’s not clear enough already – being this kind of fucktoy is one of my favourite things. I love being active – taking control and playing with him, or fucking him in a way that’s just for me. Why his look gives me shivers like no other: because he knows what he wants and he’ll take it, but we both want the same kind of fuck.