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09-Jul-2020 19:15

Emails, messages and texts trickle into your life in a steady, inexhaustible stream. At work and at home, machines and gadgets demand constant attention.

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Phone cameras, in the right place and the right time, have saved lives, reputations and solved crimes. How many of these shots do you actually access, later?

Part of that process involves presenting themselves in images as they wish the world to see them, in order to receive a response they hope to get, and while we are all guilty of this process to some extent, social media has transformed the politics of such performance into an addictive 'instant gratification' loop, accessible 24 hours a day.

Are you constantly checking the number of 'likes' on the images you post to social media?

On the extreme end of this trajectory, a Gen Zer's personality and self-worth may be enmeshed in their social media and their reception -- if they get many 'likes', it gives them a 'high'.

Too many 'dislikes', and they crash, damaging their self-regard.Do you check it constantly for messages, or social media pings? When was the last time you remember leaving it off? Do you take your phone out the moment you have a wait on your hands, or a queue to stand in?