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was working fine the last time i used it but these are £60 odd new and it did me well but i use sdr now with long wire so no use anymore for me.

£10 ono Two radios up for sale Kenwood ts590s and ts570d both in excellent condition with mics power leads looking for swap for home base radio ie ft1000mp ICOM pro along them lines thanks no timewasters or returns due to screwdriver fiddlers and part swappe 500 channel uniden radio scanner in good condition comes with manual and rechargeable batteries and charging / programming lead also a skyscan magmount plus three broadsword set top ariels.

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The relevant bit of the licence is as follows: Note (i): “In order to avoid the Licence being revoked, by no later than five years after the date of issue of this Licence, the Licensee must either notify Ofcom of a change of the Licensee’s details in Section 1 of the Licence or confirm to Ofcom that the details set out in Section 1 of the Licence are still valid. The easiest way to do this is via the Ofcom website.

Unless the Licensee makes a further notification or confirmation to Ofcom once every five years from the last date of notification or confirmation, then the Licence will be revoked.” If you don’t validate after 5 years, Ofcom may, after due process, revoke it, and it will cost you £20 to re-apply for your licence if you want to be able to operate. Many of you should already have an account with Ofcom which you use to manage your licence(s).

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