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05-Jul-2020 13:10

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Adding to the confusion with regard to the Tinder bots, is the fact that Tinder, too, offers a verification process of its own.

However, it’s not something that’s open to everyone – only celebrities and other notable figures are verified and only because people would otherwise assume their profiles are fake.

While on Twitter and Facebook, verification lets people know that someone is who they say they are, on Tinder the promise of verification taps into users’ desire to eliminate the safety concerns that come with online dating.

And when a female (bot) asks the male (victim) if he’s verified, he may be more interested in following through to do so, because it could lead to a date.

Online dating throws all of those excuses out the window because every dating site has you fill out a profile when you join so you have tons of things that you can use to start a conversation.

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If the user doesn’t cancel the trial, they’ll be charged 8.76 per month.

From here, Tinder evaluates, takes the necessary action, and removes the inappropriate profile.

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