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Regardless of the accuracy of the perception, the passive-aggressive employee will tend to respond as if any authority figure in the workplace is the abusive adult from their childhood. The heavy reliance on electronic communication provides an ideal cover for passive-aggressive exchanges among coworkers.Electronic communication has completely altered the way business people interact—and the ways in which they transmit meaning.

Compliant defiance of workplace standards mixed with hostile cooperation among workers makes for an unpleasant office atmosphere at best, and utter sabotage of productivity at worst.

So, quit making your coworkers lives difficult and find a better use of your time and energy. People who are well-adept at passive aggressive behavior do great in an office setting.

I once had to deal with a pricing department at a company.

When it is possible to establish and maintain big deals, major decisions, and important working relationships without traditional personal contact, efficiency is won, but important messages may be lost—or hidden. The teamwork dynamic common in many workplaces can be a great venue for obstructionism and loss of accountability. Human resources policies, designed with the best intentions—protecting workers—can make it especially challenging to terminate a passive-aggressive employee.

The covert actions of one passive-aggressive team member can stop the whole show and sabotage entire projects subtly enough that his or her responsibility is not readily apparent or tenaciously justifiable. Picture the intentionally inefficient worker who meets all minimum standards.

The department insisted everyone work with them through email. We had to wait for someone to leave the office so we could get in through an open door.