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This unique identifier is used in all other national registries and allows for individual-level linkage of health-related information, including vaccinations and autism diagnoses.The Danish childhood vaccination program is voluntary and free of charge.Table 1 of the Supplement provides a complete list of variables with categorizations).

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We sourced the study cohort from the Danish Civil Registration System, which assigns a unique personal identification number to all people living in Denmark and keeps track of basic demographic information for each individual (8).Information on autism spectrum disorder diagnoses in the study period was obtained from the Danish Psychiatric Central Register (10).Child psychiatrists diagnose and assign diagnostic codes for this register, which contains information from psychiatric hospitals and psychiatric wards (inpatients and outpatients in the study period).We included many autism risk factors for stratification and confounder adjustment, on the basis of a literature review on environmental autism risk factors and availability of data in our registers (12); these were maternal age, paternal age, smoking during pregnancy, method of delivery, preterm birth, 5-minute Apgar score, low birthweight, and head circumference.

For variables with missing values, we included a missing value category in the analyses.Danish population registries were used to link information on MMR vaccination, autism diagnoses, other childhood vaccines, sibling history of autism, and autism risk factors to children in the cohort.