Forts dating back to the 1800s

12-Jul-2020 06:16

In Lisbon, he said, cooks visited the market often.

The lady of the house was humiliated if she served day-old bread.

I watched in envy of the sense of community these employees shared. I was honored and I strove to reciprocate with something I could share. Peanut butter sandwiches just didn’t work, but a bowl of fruit easily graced everyone’s plates. Just today, I distributed nine dozen among friends through cash transactions or trades.

Now, I try to tell the homesteading neophytes: “Focus on one or two good things. Everyone has something to offer but nobody has everything.” Some have pork. Some are master gardeners while others’ skill is cooking what comes from the garden. Sometimes I’ll just bring a dozen to a friend who’s been feeling down.

Last year, I created a safe, corn-free hot sauce recipe specifically for one sister. “I know my allergy is difficult to work with.” I told her, “You don’t realize what a joy it is to create a recipe for someone you love.” And with that she stopped apologizing.

On weekend mornings, Dad woke at 4am to milk my uncle’s cattle in trade for the two gallons we drank per day. The flaky turnovers, filled with not-too-sweet dark chocolate, reminded him of Portuguese cuisine.Most of our food came from the garden or was brought to the table during hunting season. From my parents, I learned that food culture is hard work, making choices and showing love.