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04-Mar-2020 15:12

These are the tops sites in Saint John and the best day trips from the city.

We didn't know much about Saint John, New Brunswick before visiting the city.

In the park's later decades, a number of early jazz bands played here. Piron's New Orleans Orchestra was a regular; Papa Celestin's band filled in while Piron was in New York.

Pianist Steve Lewis performed not only with Piron's band, but also did solos and duets with singer New Orleans Willie Jackson.

Johnny Bayersdorffer's Jazzola Novelty Orchestra and Johnny Miller's New Orleans Frolicers were also regulars.

Starting in the late 1920s, a project reclaimed land from Lake Pontchartrain, extending the shoreline out away from the old fort.

John submarine.) "Over the Rhine", a German restaurant and beer garden was a popular attraction, as were dances by Paoletti's Orchestra.Newer furnace, lots of newer paint, heated entry floor.Huge rec room in the basement with a full bathroom.A large shell midden was used as the base under the early Colonial fort.

[1] [2] [3] The Colonial era fort protected the Lake Pontchartrain entrance of Bayou St. The first small fort here was erected by the French in 1701, before the founding of the city of New Orleans, to protect the important trade route along Bayou St. After Louisiana passed to Spanish control, a larger brick fort was constructed at the site of the neglected old French fortification; this was known as San Juan del Bayou.

Spanish Fort, also known as Old Spanish Fort, Fort St. John (Spanish: Fuerte de San Juan del Bayou), is a historic place in New Orleans, Louisiana, formerly the site of a fort and later an amusement park.

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