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28-Jul-2020 23:22

Look up: Festival days sim date, idol days sim date, chrono days sim date, kingdom days sim date, and wonderland days sim date. i know they have at least 5 naruto games ( one is role playing, two are games where you have to aviod being hit by kunai, and the others are dress up LOL ) and a few death note dress up games...

I've been playing them for months and still love them! other fun RPGs there are Love Hina Sim Date and Pico Sim Date Have a sim go to another sim, then click on Ask and then On Date.

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You can call them up on the phone and ask them for a date, and then choose to "Go Out" and pick a restaurant.

The game called Elf Girl Sim Date 2 was released in the year 2007.

To charm a girl in Elf Girl Sim Date 2 the player must have ten of each item and start with thirty stats and one hundred and eighty points for upgrade.

Make them in love, then go to the phone and click on transportation then click Invite a sim to lot.

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Then click a resturant and you and that sim will show up there.In this game, you're not a famous knight, but a good-for-nothing squire who's on a quest to find man's greatest pleasure.

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