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16-Jul-2020 06:15

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here's what I had: Sub income_statement() Application. This is probably an easy question for most of you, but it's killing me. Add ("C:\Documents and Settings\cbelcher\Desktop\Burden Report.xls") End With On Error Go To 0 Set Out Mail = Nothing Set Out App = Nothing Set obj Msg = Nothing End Sub Posted this on the Ozgrid forums, but haven't gotten any help yet, so I thought I'd try here too! I have a fairly lengthy macro that works perfectly most of the time.I tried searching before I posted this, but the suggestions given didn't seem to work for me. Occasionally it will run as expected but as soon as the macro ends, excel becomes unresponsive to mouse-clicks.Value = " Password " End With On Error Resume Next x = 0 For Each mitem In IE.mitem.Value = "x" x = x 1 Next x = 0 For Each mitem In IE.If x = "Submit" Then mitem. I've searched around the web and threads that deal with this issue seem to go dead after it's established that the code appears to be valid in the context of the program. I came across this solution when, in another part of the project, changing the Codename property of a sheet was not happening.A colleague and I figured that counting the vbcomponents might force VBA to refresh some internal elements, and, whatever it did, it worked.What I want is for my code to execute as soon as the data connection refresh has finished.

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However, I seem to be getting issues, can some one point me in the right direction with the code?I've protected the sheet because it contains a lot of formula's. I want to create a userform with listbox with radio button and commandbutton on the same which will help me to connect to each url when I select the same in listbox and click on the commandbutton. I had a light-bulb moment and wondered whether there was a difference in the version numbers for MSCOMCT2. So far I can get everything to work besides the Submit part.When a user double-clicks a row it triggers the code through the Workbook_Sheet Before Double Click event. Code: This works, but I want to hide the text as it is entered. The code runs without errors, but doesn't actually "hit" the submit button on the webpage.I need to look up data from a cell on one Excel sheet, compare it to a list on a 2nd sheet and when they equal, take a value from a different column on the 2nd sheet and drop it back on the 1st sheet. When I click anywhere (trying to select a cell, or an excel menu item...clicking anywhere in excel) I'll get the a 'ding' system sound and nothing will happen.

Since that's a horrible explanation, let me try explaining it this way: Sheet 1 Column A has a long list of code type 1s Column E has a long list of code type 2s Sheet 2 Cell C2 has code 1 Cell E2 needs code 2 I know it should take an index/match function, but nothing I try is working. What's driving me bonkers is that if I copy everything over to a single sheet, that formula works fine. BUT, if I use the keyboard arrow keys, I can see that the active cell selection moves accordingly.

When you run the macro normally, everything else functions properly, but the data is not refreshed. Application") URL = " https://efolio.morgankeegan.com/escripts/default Logon.asp? Ready State 4: Do Events: Loop .document.getelementbyid("f User Name").

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