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), which include the right for others to 'publish, modify, and transmit' the content of the site.

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The first URL infringing on The Simpson's copyright is sombody else's problem.

A separate page explains that the content in the "Language" section is taken from Wikipedia and available under GFDL, but does not link to original articles, doesn't list authors and doesn't provide local copy of the license (just a link to is provided). The owner claims the duplication is for "load balancing". Please confirm at that time that our customer has made this step.

On all the sites I checked, there is a link to internal GFDL, the original article, and the original history, below the last ads. Failure to contact you as we have requested would be a violation of our terms of service.

Other pages besides "Sharon Tate" appear to be a partial derivation of older wikipedia articles, or, just possibly, some text from them has been uploaded to wikipedia, as I have found exact word for word passages in Jay Sebring and Charles Manson from around 2004 November 8 or later.

-Wikibob - Talk , 2005 May 22 (UTC) Sent standard violation letter to adminc-sponagl-nospam AT 7and adminc-sponagl AT 7. For future issues regarding 7val: Wikimedia Deutschland is in close contact with them.

Articles carry a link to Wikipedia home, direct link to source article on Wikipedia, and a link to GFDL directly under article text. List of colo[u]r details, such as names & RGB values, at least partially scraped from en.wikipedia.

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