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22-Feb-2020 18:29

It’s not easy to say “no” to a relationship that’s less than God’s intentions.

It doesn’t mean the guys you turn down are “bad,” and you should pray for them to know God’s truth!

We no longer participate in our old, sinful lifestyles.

With this in mind, we should be kind and friendly to unbelievers, but should not make them our confidants, counselors or spouses.

This might not seem like an issue in the “honeymoon” stages of a relationship, but quickly becomes one as the challenges of life arise.

In the difficult moments of child rearing, pain, sickness and loss, it’s imperative that a couple stand on a unified foundation. Our spiritual identity is something we accept when we embrace what Christ did for us.

Pursuing the Same Spiritual Goals When two people are unified spiritually, they pursue the same goals. Their inspiration for life comes from the Spirit of God in their hearts.

This is an important theological concept to grasp, because when only one half of a relationship believes Christ is God, only that half of that relationship will uphold His values.

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