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The spinoff content is nothing fans can’t and haven’t produced by themselves through fanfiction and doujinshi.Fan-created content is clearly a fantasy, and as such uninhibited and aware of its own failings.Spinoffs are part and parcel of every successful franchise, in anime and beyond.They take the shape of manga, films, OVAs, games and basically any medium you can cram an additional storyline into to provide fans with content and a studio with money.This leads to the erasure of any personality traits that made the original characters important to the narrative and iconic in their own ways.

Erasure of any anxieties and potential mental health problems is equated with the ideal state, in which a “normal life” and happiness are paramount.

As intimately familiar as viewers become with the mental states of these characters throughout the anime, it seems hard to believe that this is truly what would be left of them once they could live without the threat of an alien invasion.

More importantly, content like this makes a farce of how Evangelion tackles of mental health.

is a PS2/PSP game that allows you to play every character in various missions.

(Yes, even Pen-Pen.) This RPG expands the canon lore of the series by revealing the history of the Ancestral Race and "First Impact," which makes it essential playing (or at least research) for any fans confused by infamously includes a bizarre moment where Fuyutsuki -- Gendo's aloof older companion and Yui Ikari's old professor -- takes Shinji aside and forces him to dress up as his dead mother. This is exactly what happened with the various Evangelion spinoff manga.

Donnie Mc Clurkin may claim he’s straight and not a homophobe, but journo Clay Cane found an anonymous man who allegedly carried on a three-year affair with the gospel-singing reverend.… continue reading »

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