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14-Mar-2020 23:36

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most probably your firewall is blocking the new version of firefox.

you said you've etrust EZ anti-virus - as its name states this is a ANTIVIRUS program, not a firewall...

The browser works w/o effort so the firewall (if any) is allowing the new version of firefox through to the net.

The auto update feature in the etrust anti-virus keeps giving error messages. I'm not the computer geek so a "run program" box might help!

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Congratulations on an uncluttered computer BTW Ever thought about Linux .... I will un-install the AV program and re-install from the yahoo site. I would Linux if I could get some IT support for it from my office.... I've had mac's for years and have never had any problems.... Consequently, there are two icons in my system tray, one for antivirus, one for the firewall.I have randomly selected a few of the reported PCs that do not have it installed and it is found on each of them not to mention it shows up in Spiceworks under installed software.How do I get Spiceworks to recognize the software as an AV when it is already detecting it installed on a machine?Double click the EZ Firewall icon in the system tray 2. Again, ensure that the permissions under 'Access' and 'Server' have a green check mark (allow). Look for Application Layer Gateway, ensure 'Access' and 'Server' have check marks. You can remove them by right click the name and selecting remove from the popup window. Once this is done, try accessing the internet again.

Ensure that the ‘Lock’ icon at the top is in the unlocked position. To the left of the window, click ‘Program Control’ 4. You should get a firewall alert asking for access permission to allow the processes mentioned above, please allow them, this should get your internet working again.

if you don't know which firewall you've installed, download & run trollys enum process and post its results in here...