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A definition is always in order when a new term is being put forth, especially if that term may have diverse meanings in multiple contexts.It is used in demographics and data collection to distinguish intentionally collected information from information which must be secondarily gleaned from the original entries.Whether or not things are good for people is not the issue here. One of the differences between a hardware store owner and a doctor is that the store owner is a merchant and the doctor is a professional.The merchant subscribes to the mercantile ethic of “buyer beware,” and the doctor is beholden to the professional ethic of “let the buyer trust.” The mercantile ethic may consider fair and honest service, but is primarily concerned with a profit motive and the merchant’s best interests, whereas the professional ethic must consider altruistic service and the best interest of the patient always must be supreme. We spend most of our time with our 4 cute girls and the rest making this site for you.

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Patients need to feel with certainty that we are absolutely concerned with their best interests in every situation, and that is a tricky matter when they get the feeling that we’re just pushing product and generating profit.

View and download the list of available guidance documents from the Virginia Board of Psychology.