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Here's your checkbook cheat sheet to ensure that your transactions run smoothly, and your money stays safe. Make sure you write the complete date—month, day, and year.If you write a future date, known as a “postdated check,” it can only be used on or after the date on the check.It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.The implements, however, are the same: a niche called a ) for the Friday sermon; minarets, locally differently shaped but always rising like the call to prayer that is uttered from their tops; the wooden carved stands for the Qurʾān, which is to be written in the most perfect form; sometimes highly artistic lamps (made in Syria and proverbially mentioned throughout the Muslim world); perhaps bronze candlesticks, with inlaid ornaments; and rich variations of the prayer mats.Writing checks is a more secure alternative to paying in cash.Although checks are almost as good as cash, there are some things you should know before signing away.If any decoration was needed, it was the words of God, beautifully written or carved in the walls or around the domes.The ambiguity of Persian poetry, which oscillates between the worldly, the divine, and often the political level, is typical of Islamic writings.

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Sometimes, the bank will ask you to sign a second time after you receive the cash.The date of the check also marks the start of the six-month period during which the recipient can deposit or encash the check before the check expires or becomes a “stale check.”The payee line is to indicate the recipient of the check; he or she is the only one who can encash, deposit, or endorse the check.Fill in the blank with the name of the payee who can either be a person or an organization.Remember, we have laws against writing bouncing checks such as Batas Pambansa Blg. By comparing your records with the bank statement, you should arrive at the same account balance.

If there’s a discrepancy between your balance and the bank’s, verify whether you had any transactions that occurred near the statement cut-off date.The failure of the drawer of the check to deposit the amount necessary to cover his check within three (3) days from receipt of notice from the bank and/or the payee or holder that said check has been dishonored for lack of insufficiency of funds shall be prima facie evidence of deceit constituting false pretense or fraudulent act. If the check was issued by the debtor only for security of the creditor, as in the nature of promissory notes but not to be encashed, no estafa will be involved.