Error updating jscript intellisense see error list

02-Mar-2020 17:16

error updating jscript intellisense see error list-34

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For example, the j Query UI Date Picker is one of the plug-ins that will show this error.

Generally for any Java Script library, a “child Nodes” error is caused by libraries that try to create DOM elements on parse rather than slightly later on load. In fact, we’ve made some major architectural changes to accommodate this in Visual Studio 2010 but I’ll save that for another post.

There’s no web.config location for this (as “Curly Fro” asked) nor is there a Tools Options list you can set.

However, there is a fairly useful trick that is worth mentioning.

The meta-point here is that references originating from a script (not HTML/ASPX) file are transitive. As mentioned above, Master Pages serve as a unified place to put scripts for HTML/ASPX pages.

“Peter” suggested there was a similar issue with CSS files. I saw a lot of questions/feedback/comments regarding paths and URLs.

error updating jscript intellisense see error list-65

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I’ve been reading through the 70 or so comments on our last 2 j Query posts. Apologies for not being able to answer them sooner (I was busy preparing for Dev Connections).

Instead of answering them inline with the comments, I’ll try to paraphrase the popular issues here and answer them centrally. I have a ton of Content Pages, do I need to put script references for Intelli Sense in each one?