Error occurred updating password database aix

29-Oct-2019 19:33

error occurred updating password database aix-68

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While this is indeed possible it goes far beyond the scope of the problem at hand. So I decided to set up some basic user authentication on my apache2 server, and I am running into some problems.

I followed the documentation provided by apache on their website, but I cant create the password file for some reason.

error occurred updating password database aix-42

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error occurred updating password database aix-49

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Hello, I am working on setup LDAP Server and facing issue related to assigning user to a group. I have created Users, Groups and Servers ou's and sub ou's added to the same or Users as well as Groups OU. i want to get user input like this please tell which option to chose 1. i want to get user input like this please tell which option to chose 1. I am trying to add a user to my SVN server that can only access one of about a dozen repositories I have set up.

), use "set list" in vi to display possible non-printing characters 2nd possibility: Maybe your root filesystem is full and that prevents /etc/passwd and /etc/security/passwd from being updated. If this is the case correct it and run the following commands to resynchronize the user database: usrck -t ALL pwdck -t ALL grpck -t ALL Afterwards the problem should be solved. possibility: The user database got corrupted because of some other problem.

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