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02-Aug-2020 20:40

The Ever Quest franchise is a vast realm, and sometimes MJ Guthrie gets lost in it all!

Join her as she explores all the nooks and crannies from Antonica to Zek.

Like Rivervale was to Enchanted Lands, Pillars of Flame is located within The Sinking Sands.

Levels 61 – 70 At this point, zones stop making any attempt to adhere to ranges of 10.

You can pick from any zone on the list in each level range and keep to that one, or move between them for something different.

Keep in mind, however, that each zone has its own dungeons and quest chains, so hopping between various zones willy-nilly may cause you to miss story!

Of course, you have to know where to find it to be able to start it!Running biweekly on Thursdays, Ever Questing is your resource for all things Ever Quest, Ever Quest II, and Daybreak.

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