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15-Nov-2020 17:03

"The Nile is the gift to Egypt — without it, there's really no way that this civilization could have survived through 3,000 years of history."These patterns of conceptions and births would have likely continued back further into ancient times and occurred at other Egyptian sites as well, said Williams.

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Williams said that the prospect of having to take dung filled medicine, and having sex with it in you, probably discouraged intercourse.

The peak period for baby-making sex in ancient Egypt was in July and August, when the weather was at its hottest.

Researchers made this discovery at a cemetery in the Dakhleh Oasis in Egypt whose burials date back around 1,800 years.

The excellent preservation let researchers date the age of the remains at death.

The researchers could also pinpoint month of death, as the graves were oriented toward the rising sun, something that changes predictably throughout the year.

Ancient contraceptives The patterns also suggest some form of ancient contraceptives were in use.