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I thought that this would be a simple property that I'd be able to set on the Combo Box Column.Yea, well there is no such property, so queue clever hack!Meaning, it acts like a Combo Box that has the Drop Down Style set to Drop Down List (which doesn't allow the user to enter new values).We, however, did need to have the ability for the user to enter new values.By default, the Gc Multi Row control allows users to edit cells, confirm the edit, or cancel the edit.

The editing feature provided through character keys or double-clicking is the default behavior when the value of the Gc Multi Row. To explicitly commit the edits to the datasource, use the Gc Multi Row. You can also change a cell to edit mode by directly calling the actions of the shortcut keys. Begin Edit Reason property of the Cell Begin Edit event becomes Programmatically and you can check that the editing is being done by the developer. Write Line("The present cell is not string type cell.") End If End Sub Imports Grape City. Multi Row Private Sub Gc Multi Row1_Editing Control Showing(By Val sender As System.

The interesting thing is that the Event Args has a property on it "Control" that can be cast to a standard Win Forms Combo Box.