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20-Nov-2019 17:03

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How would you place the tone this season and how did you find that tone?Eddie Izzard: I think the tone is more locked down. I think we ended up at the end of the season with this tone. Some of the episodes in the first season were slightly funnier, and they're not, the funny comes out at very dry and bizarre circumstances in this season.Minnie, my question for you, I watched the four episodes that were sent to us for the second season, and I have to say your scenes with your parole officer and also with your war of conscience are really wonderful.I'm wondering if Dahlia is going to continue opening up and growing and kind of getting out of her closed off ways, or if we're going to see more of her trying to break out of this Traveller's mindset?

Driver responded to a question on Twitter that asked what TV show you would resurrect by lamenting the demise of the show she starred in for two seasons with Eddie Izzard.But they've obviously got things to bear in mind, but from our point of view we're going on. I mean, if it were just up to us and Dmitry Lipkin we'd be working every day of the year.Eddie Izzard: We think through the line, at the pilot I was getting that they wanted to toast season four.And you really do, do that by there being a cliffhanger at the end of every episode. Now, the more successful we get, the more desperate and dangerous it becomes.

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The truth, or what that means to each of us, is really at the center of this whole season, and it does lead to a dramatic ending at the end of every show.Minnie Driver: Well, I think it's like a Pandora's box, and probably with all of the characters, but from my point of view with Dahlia, yes, she's led by the truth, or her version of the truth, in this season and wanting to kind of cleanse herself of all of the deceit.