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20-Feb-2020 14:37

If there's no tracking available, we'll check with your buyer.If your buyer confirms the item was delivered on time—you'll be recognized for on-time shipping.If your account doesn't meet the standards, you: Note: We monitor e for sellers who may be creating poor buying experiences at higher rates, in shorter timeframes, or in different areas than other sellers, according to these standards.These accounts may be restricted, limited, suspended, or have their seller level changed to below standard. For guidelines on meeting buyers' expectations, see our selling practices policy.Specifically, you can view how well you're meeting buyer expectations with buyers from the United States, United Kingdom, German, and global markets.Learn more about our global seller performance standards.Only your transactions with US buyers count toward your seller performance rating on e

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To measure your overall performance accurately, we look at your performance as a whole.

If you've had 400 or more transactions in the last three months, you're evaluated over that three-month period.

If you've had fewer than 400 transactions in the last three months, you're evaluated on the past 12 months.

We always want to ensure buyers have a great experience on e Bay.

To help ensure this, we’ve put in place minimum performance standards for areas within a seller’s control, such as handling time and prompt problem resolution. The length of time we look at in each evaluation depends on how many recent transactions you've had.A case closed without seller resolution is any case the seller is unable to resolve with the buyer prior to the buyer asking us to step in and help with a request, or escalating a case to Pay Pal for review, and e Bay or Pay Pal determines the seller is responsible.