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17-Feb-2020 14:18

I was told to change my answers on the Question portion. Eharmony wouldn't let me cancel, so my bank canceled my debit card. And you cannot get your money back and I am stuck for a year of middling matches and frustrating efforts.

Trust me my profile is real and well presented with a good picture. Confirm # @ e/h *****7670 Dear Garrett, Thank you for reaching out and I'm sorry to hear you've had any trouble with your account.

I have called support to cancel and request refund for the remaining of subscription and it was too late, I have told to wait until end of 3 months to request a refund or claim guarantee policy.

In 3 months i was able to talk to 3 candidates which I believe 2 of them works for EH.

Please know that we take member concerns regarding matches seriously and we have a dedicated team who works to review accounts proactively in an effort to remove fraud suspects before they are even matched.

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As a result, I am unable to grant your request for a refund.I would not recommend e Harmony to anyone Dear Hejin, Thank you for your feedback.Making your eharmony experience safe and successful is important to us.Second, at I had a much better self assessment process which I could download and read; there were two and they gave you the option to see the woman who there was a 'match' with. We actually do have a technical support team, of more than one person. If you still need assistance, please email us at [email protected] the email address on your account.

I did not go to them for a prem as I am still efforting at e/h. Please be sure to thoroughly describe the technical issue you are experiencing and we will be happy to investigate and hopefully resolve it for you.

For me it seemed most profiles on this site were automatically generated, I sent hundreds smiles and hundreds messages to different women and I got two, TWO views of my profile in four weeks! On https://j4l.com/401350 where I have recently registered as well girls write me dozens of letters and I feel popular!