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13-Jul-2020 19:36

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The truth always has two sides, and those sides have motivations, and those motivations, despite how cloudy they currently seem, are private.

This is complicated and it will remain complicated, but those who know me and who have known me, know well enough what kind of person I am.

Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse dated for about two years before reports of their breakup in July.

As intriguing as their secretive relationship was prior to a reported split, this co-star couple's end only public interest in their romance.

You’ll remember the rolling kerfuffles between our famous denizens and the peons who cover them that began earlier this year: Lizzo subtweeted a Pitchfork review. But now there’s been a curious escalation in the form: Two CW stars have bitten back after details they didn’t love ended up in a cover story about both of them.

Ariana Grande piled on Bieber’s tweet, and opened it up to all bloggers in general, tweeting, and later deleting, “One day everybody that works at all them blogs will realize how unfulfilled they are and purposeless what they’re doing is…i can’t wait for them to feel lit inside.” As if bloggers can ever hope to feel joy.

Although the former Disney Channel star does find time to post two stunning photos of Reinhart to Instagram.

In the photo, both Sprouse and Palvin appear to be messing around with their respective manes and laughing.